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Step change in Safety Culture

Safety Culture can be defined as the collective acceptable attitudes, values, routine behaviours and beliefs of the management and workforce towards safety and wellbeing in the workplace – “the collective mindset”.


“Step Change in Safety Culture is a long-term process that strives to improve and strengthen the safety and wellbeing culture in the workplace”

At a glance

safety culture change                                                  

From its starting point of 'test the foundation', the organisations components (management commitment to motivation to reward) will be evaluated step-by-step to establish the current status, based on a traffic lights system.

Who is it for?

Our safety culture change programme is suitable for any organisation that wishes to develop and sustain a positive health and safety culture – whether from an initial stage or those looking to improve their existing culture.

Why is it important to do?

  • We, at the British Safety Council India, do not want to see anyone at work being injured or made ill through their work and the best way of achieving this is to work on improving and changing step-by-step the “safety culture” of your organisation
  • It is a very inclusive progressive approach, focussing on the positives and involving everyone, in a step-by-step process
  • Experience shows that this approach to improving safety is more “sustainable” and has other benefits beyond safety

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Why Safety Culture Change?

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    We have over 60+ years expertise - "Because Experience Counts"

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    Achieve an inclusive, progressive and participative safety culture process

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    Potential reduction in accident rates, staff turnover, and increase organisation morale

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    Sustain continual improvement to workplace safety culture

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    Monitor change and improvement in your organisation's safety culture

Participation in “Step Change in Safety Culture” workshop organised by British Safety Council in India, was a unique experience. Participants could visualize that safety culture is measurable and “safety culture” surveys would help organizations to identify the gaps and fill the gaps step by step leading towards building strong Safety Culture.
Pramod Sapra,President, Shapoorji Pallonji Bumi Armada

Why it is right for your organisation

Developing a positive and inclusive safety culture is proven to make your workplace a safer and more productive environment.

Our focus on employee (and other stakeholder) engagement helps you to build resilience within your safety culture in times of organisational change.


  • Access our practical tools to change behaviours and culture
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your safety culture
  • Achieve a more open and inclusive health and safety culture
  • Sustain improvement in safety outcomes
  • Build resilience to withstand changes in your workplace
  • Improved workplace standards and stakeholder wellbeing
  • Lower staff turnover and increased staff morale
  • Demonstration of commitment toward stakeholder wellbeing and social responsibility

What your organisation will receive from British Safety Council "Step in Safety Culture Change" Program?

This depends on the module requirements, and will vary. It could include: 

  • Bespoke safety culture assessment (including surveys, focus group, site visits, maturity ratings, feedback)
  • Recommendations for improving certain aspects of current safety culture
  • Leadership training
  • Reporting
  • Support, recommendation with developing and implementing culture improvement plan

Why choose the British Safety Council India

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the best way to ensure your health, safety and environmental management systems (and associated arrangements) are suitable for your business requirements, promote continual improvement and are effectively implemented.

  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Demonstrated experience of helping organisations of varying sizes and across industrial sectors, in progressively transforming their safety culture 
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process including auditor standardisation, training and performance monitoring
  • Our technical specialists serve on strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • We have a unique internationally recognised best practice (five star) audit process
  • Industry recognition from awards such as the prestigious Sword or Globe of Honour