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    BBC TV presenter Steph McGovern gives frank talk at UK Safety Expo

    Brexit has been “total hell” to cover as a journalist, BBC Breakfast TV presenter Steph McGovern confessed. “There’s a lack of accountability, people can just lie.”

    By Belinda Liversedge on 19 June 2019

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    ISO 45001: one year on

    It is now just over a year since the new international standard ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management systems was introduced following almost five years of development.

    By David Parr, British Safety Council on 03 June 2019

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    A journey with a clear sense of purpose

    Geoff McDonald is one of the most vocal mental health campaigners in Britain. Having experienced a period of severe depression and mental ill health, he is determined to create workplaces all over the world where people feel free to ask for help.

    By Anna Ryland, British Safety Council on 25 May 2019

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    Redefining workplace wellbeing – Part II

    Some of Britain’s most eminent thought leaders and campaigners took part in the British Safety Council’s roundtable debate on workplace wellbeing held in March. They examined and challenged wellbeing concepts and practices.

    By Anna Ryland, British Safety Council on 27 May 2019

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    Most managers miss mental health signs in staff, says Mind

    Less than half of employees think their managers would notice if they had mental health symptoms, despite two in three managers saying they feel confident in promoting wellbeing, a survey from Mind has found.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 21 May 2019

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    Common purpose, united efforts

    At times when countries are engaged in internal conflicts, when different groups are at loggerheads and there is an absence of consensus and a breakdown in community, there will always be political forces seeking to make capital.

    By Lawrence Waterman OBE on 13 May 2019

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    Empathetic leadership

    During recent years there has been a welcome increased recognition of the importance of managing health and wellbeing within the workplace.

    By David Parr, director of policy and technical services at the British Safety Council on 09 May 2019