Are you new to youth social action? Do you need to know about health and safety but worry about risks to young people? Do you worry about your liability or that the whole thing will be bureaucratic and time-consuming?

You’re in the right place. The British Safety Council is supporting the #iwillcampaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many 10 to 20-year-olds as possible by 2020. By social action we mean practical action in the service of others that creates positive change. Most volunteering falls into this category.

This site brings together the latest information about keeping risks to a minimum in the world of social action and in a way that is sensible and proportionate. Check our fact-sheets you can download. Click here for info on risk assessment for volunteering.

Don't be afraid of the law - find out more here. The first thing to say is that the UK is a very safe place for youth social action. Check our videos to find out more.

Keep calm, volunteer


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Many of the tasks that you will ask young people to do will be low risk. There are of course risks attached to some activities and there are risk factors associated with young people you should be aware of. 

Taking simple steps in line with the information here will help you be successful: young people can’t help communities if risks aren’t properly managed.

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