4 steps to safety

You're important. You have a right not to get hurt by work. You also have a responsibility to look after yourself and those around you.

In most workplaces, the chances of being seriously hurt are pretty low. But some things at work can hurt you, or might hurt someone else.

Just remember work is a special place. If you’re just starting work, you won’t know much about how to do the job safely or what might hurt you. You will need information from your employer. Speak Up if you are not given this information. You need it to make an informed decision. You need it to Stay Safe.

Getting it right means you have to get involved.

Getting involved means you need to understand some basic ideas about hazards, risks and rewards 

Definitions / Principles

4 Steps to safety

Let’s take an example of how you already use these ideas to act safely. You want to get home quickly to see a friend, but a busy road is in your way. There’s a bridge you could cross but it’s far away and it would be much quicker to cross the road directly.

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