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Behavioural Safety Consultancy

Helping you remove barriers and enhance health and safety culture

Introducing Behavioural Safety Consultancy from British Safety Council

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Many organisations realise that despite their best efforts at enhancing health and safety standards, they reach a plateau. They are left wondering what to do next in order to control the number of serious injuries and fatalities. The answer could lie in Behavioural Safety Consultancy services from British Safety Council.

What is Behavioural Safety

Behavioural Safety is about understanding the behaviour of people at work (both positive and negative) and why they behave in a certain way.

It has been proven that organisations who embrace Behaviour Safety theory, can ensure that no-one is injured or made ill through their work. By taking their health and safety to a different level they are able to drive real value into their organisation and dispel the myths that exist.

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How it works

Behaviour Safety isn’t a new concept but many who start the journey don’t finish the journey. This generally happens because of a lack of structure to support the program, inadequate training or losing effectiveness overtime as a result of policies and processes becoming too routine. Also, monitoring and interventions are important to keep positive movements happening and reaping rewards from the initial investment.

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What we offer

Progressing a Behavioural Safety programme with British Safety Council can ensure that you take the right steps to build safety into the core of your organisation and designing out risks. We can support and guide you, ensuring that robust processes and structures are in place to support the programme. Ensuring that the programme is implemented in this way has the potential to take your health and safety several notches higher, reducing the possibility of serious incidents and building a positive safety culture.

British Safety Council will work with you:

  1. To support the implementation of an effective safety observation process
  2. To set up frameworks for consequence management, thereby ensuring a fair and transparent process for driving behaviour change
  3. To develop safety perception surveys
  4. Deliver awareness training on behavioural safety
  5. To create a steering team and working team
  6. To review past incidents, competency assessments and risk assessments
  7. To develop relevant process and training for safety observation and conversation.
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  • Remove barriers and enhance safety standards
  • Drive management and worker participation
  • Tried and tested frameworks ensure fair and transparent processes to drive behaviour change
  • Support implementing effective safety observation processes
  • Consultancy services delivered by leading Indian consultants with experience delivering such services in the Indian market
  • Improved business performance

Why use British Safety Council

  • We have been operating in the health and safety business for over 60 years and serving the Indian market for over 30 years
  • We are a charity, with profits used to drive our campaigning activities
  • We are a truly global health and safety service provider
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services
  • Many of the leading Indian businesses already use our services
  • We offer a top-quality service
  • Many of our propositions are unique to us
  • We provide recognition in the form of awards for outstanding delivery

Next steps?

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