Safety Byte – Mike Robinson interviewed by Irwin and Stone

Why have the British Safety Council decided to launch its office in India?

The British Safety Council has been doing business in India during the last 30 years, working with such companies as Tata Steel or DLF. However, opening its own office will give the company much greater reach and it will be able to support a larger number of businesses.

Indian subcontinent has a poor safety record. The Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh in 2013, in which 1,100 workers died, is only one of many examples of this situation. In India alone, there are 45 million workers just in construction and many of them are not protected. It is estimated that in India alone there are 48,000 fatal workplace-related accidents a year. In comparison with the UK, which had 137 work fatalities last year, this is twenty times higher.

India has a growing number of safety inspections and through its legislation the country is working hard improve its safety record. Although legislation is very important for bringing about the change, such issues like leadership and health and safety culture are essential for introducing and embedding that change. This is where the British Safety Council, with its 60 years’ of experience and training expertise can make a difference on the Indian subcontinent. So far, the company has been dealing mainly with the large businesses in India, working with their supply chains to reach the highest number of people in the shortest possible time. Opening of the office in Mumbai will allow the British Safety Council to reach further into these sectors with its expertise, advice and training.   

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